Yesterday I sold some of my work at the First Friday Artwalk. Being my first time doing this, I wasn't really sure how it would go but and I am above and beyond excited about how it went! 

As you may know from my last blog post, I spent the past week doing preparations for this event, which mainly consisted of the illustrating, printing, and trimming of my very own greeting cards. I'm a huge fan of snail-mail. In fact, I have three close friends who I write to regularly. So with this in mind, and knowing my favorite holiday is coming up, I decided to illustrate some Halloween cards so that others could send some snail-mail love as well! I remember being younger and getting so excited near my birthday because I knew that there would be cards coming addressed specifically to me. The excitement never fades, even now that I'm older. In fact, I think it's gotten even more exciting now that I'm older because communication has become so instantaneous with smartphones and computers. 


Along with the cards, I sold ceramic work I had made last fall, which really needed loving homes. As I went about my preparations I was also thinking quite a bit about what's been going on in the world and felt that this would be a great opportunity to reach out and lend a helping hand. I decided that for every item that I sold at the artwalk I would donate $1 to the hurricane Maria relief through Americares. I am so pleased to share that this was a great success. I was able to donate even more money than I had originally anticipated! Thank you to all those who made this possible!

Donation Letter.jpg

Now I'll start brainstorming what to do for my next big project. I'm also really excited to continue with Inktober, so keep a look out for those daily on Instagram!

Until next time.