My BFA thesis body of work The Places I’ve Lived explores underlying themes of home and mindfulness through the object of the miniature. From memory, I have recreated rooms from apartments that my partner and I have called home over the last few years. In the past I had been compelled to create artwork about hypothetical ‘dream’ home environments, but eventually became very aware that I was not acknowledging my present living situation, which is a treasure. This epiphany led me to becoming more grateful and aware of what I have currently, instead of always dreaming about the ‘some day’.

The paper miniature is a tool which encourages mindfulness by pausing time outside of itself, allowing the maker and the viewer to become fully present when interacting with it. By depicting these home interiors using skewed and imperfect lines, as well as two-dimensional and three-dimensional components, I hope to transport my viewer to a whimsical yet familiar space which creates a sense of joy and childlike wonder while encouraging them to focus on the present moment.